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Scout4x4 is a Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) made up of a group of people who love off road driving, 4x4 vehicles, Scouting & helping others.

We pride ourselves on our safety record and attention to detail, with members who are passionate about all they do and are in it to support the young people, learning new skills, have fun and meet people.

With a wealth of 4x4 and off road driving knowledge we can help with training, site logistics, events and 4x4 experiences for both young people and adults.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to get involved, have a question, need support or want advice.

POR & Motorsports -  Overhauled January 2014

You may or may not be aware of the recent changes to POR with regards to any scouter undertaking motor sport activities.

These changes are a welcome addition to POR and something we are passionate about.

The new ruling is a step forward with the health and safety that is often ignored by scout leaders with 4x4's.

Along with the Scout Association's official fact sheet we have compiled some information to help you make the right decisions if you wish to take young people off road in your 4x4. Please click here for more information.


POR Rule 9.72 - Motorsports

Motorised activities away from public roads may be undertaken when:

  • Participants must wear appropriate safety equipment for the activity being undertaken, this includes helmets for all off road and racing activities.

  • Safety briefings must be given to all participants and marshals.

  • The activity must take place in an area with clear separation and boundary between participants and spectators/ the public.

  • The maximum speed must be considered based on the age and ability of the participant, the vehicle, the supervision, the terrain and any additional factors including legal restrictions on age e.g. quad biking.

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