Dunsfold Collection Open Weekend 2015

The bi-annual open weekend of the Dunsfold Collection is a fantastic day out. The collection houses over 120 vehicles ranging from Series 1's right up to the L405 Range rover with everything in between including one of prototypes and concepts like 'The Farmers Friend'.

The show doesn't just feature the this amazing collection but many clubs and people with the strange and unique vehicles that people love to see. With lots of ex military and early Series vehicles on show there was something for everyone.

This year to commemorate the end of Defender Production in the UK there was a special treat for everybody to see. 13 of the ultra- rare 20 remaining pre production Series 1 80inch Land Rovers were on display, Something that will possibly never be repeated again. The star of this line up was undaoubtably HUE 166 (pre-production no. 1) along with HNX 950 (No. 4) which hasn't left the Beaulieu Motor Museum for 32 years!